Q:Why these three specific styles?
A:Our studies show that these three types of video approaches are ideal for b2b and association publishers. We would rather provide set-apart expertise to help you develop and produce your video monetization strategy.
Q:Can you help us determine our “best practice” for our brand?
A:YES! The right strategy is everything and it depends on your brand, your editorial, your readers, their access to your content, even their devices play a part.
Q:Can we “slant” our news if we want to avoid specific topics or stories?
A:Yes, you can. If there is something that you feel is better left alone, we can be sure to do that when we send you your weekly review script or draft video. However, with news feeds, keep in mind that the “news is the news.” If the top news item is a headline-making story ,even if it has “bad optics,” you’re going to have better traction and viewership by leaving it in, as opposed to red-lining it.
Q:What if there is a slow news week?
A:There will be. In the occasional situation where there just are not four or five good newsworthy features, we’ll fill out your feed with some custom call to action (like promoting an event for you.)
Q:Can we cancel our VerticalFeed service or a Show Daily or Buyers Guide?
A:No way. Absolutely not. OK, yeah of course. We have a 60-day notification policy.
Q:Is VerticalFeed responsive?
A:Yes all VF video products renders on all devices.
Q:What about social sharing?
A:Our videos are maximized for social sharing and email capture. See our NRPA sample. Hit the pause bar button and see what happens:
Q:If we want to send our VerticalFeed out by email, can you help us with a template?
A:Yes, we can. We have a full team of “HTMelves” who can create a custom email template for you and include your branding and a video thumbnail, call to action, etc.
Q:Can we use our feed as a lead-gen service?
A:Yes! We can configure your video on our CDN to capture email addressesd and deliver them to you.We can offer this functionality at the beginning or end of the video.
Q:Why the time-cap on my feed?
A:The “sweet spot” for online video right now is about 90 seconds to two minutes. Any shorter, you probably wouldn’t get too much engagement. Any longer, you’ll get drop-offs. And we want your audience to see your fancy call-to-action in post-roll!
Q:When do you invoice? Can we pre-pay?
A:We invoice at the start of your program, monthly. Pre-pay in advance gets you a lovely 5% discount on your VerticalFeed contract. We take all payments except Bitcoin because that’s still a little creepy to us.