We have found this helpful as video capture and production terminology can be a little daunting, and many businesses use different terminology for the same thing. So here’s some help!

B-roll.: This is generic video that is used to fill out a news feed. For example, during a custom video about an event the Pharmaceutical Alliance may have, Jenna may use a shot of the outside of their building in DC. That is called “B-roll.” No, we don’t understand why either.

Capture: A fancy way for saying shooting video footage.

Clip: a short piece of video.

Draft: A draft is a rough version of the video. As edits are made, successive drafts are done. VF offers one draft before final output. For example, our lovely tour guide, Jenna, would receive the draft, and make changes.

Lower third: A lower third is the area at the bottom of the screen where you usually see text, for example when an interview is being done and the person’s name and title are briefly shown, or where the brand name appears and stays through the video.

News feed: (Sometimes one word – newsfeed.) Exactly what it says it is. A news program with infromation and content, usually delivered by a third party source. This is what we do!

Overlay: An overlay is when the entire screen is filled with an image. VF uses full overlays in its feeds.

Post-production or simply Post: Once the video is captured, or aggregated it is given to an editor to produce. The post editor is who works on the final product and does the revisions. When Jenna makes edits to her draft, she’d send it back for “post.”

Pre-roll and Post-roll: Sounds like what it is. Pre-roll is the five- to 10-second “intro” that presents the brand and/or sponsor and name of the video. Post-roll is the same, but is inserted at the closing of the video.

Script: If you’re using voice-over talent, the script is what the talent reads – and you approve before he/she reads it.

Stills: A static image, like a logo or headshot.

Sponsor well: The sponsor “well” is the space in the timeline where we leave empty space to drop in a sponsor message.

Text overlay: Dropping text over an image. It is also called superscript, or just “super.”

Time-stamp: The specific time in a timeline. Time-stamp editing is used to make changes. For example, Jenna may think her pre-roll too long. She’d say “move the end of the clip from 00:08 to 00:05.” That’s a time-stamp edit.

Timeline: Yup, a timeline. The “layout” of your newsfeed using a timeline to determine what images are put where. Jenna would say “can you switch that new drug announcement in the timeline with the announcement of our new CEO so his announcement is first?”

Transitions: A transition is the variety of ways you can move from one image or video clip to another. There are literally hundreds. Wipes, fades, dissolves, peels, pushes…the list goes on. The most common is a dissolve or fade.

Versioning: Creating a new draft.

There are dozens more, but we hope these basics help!