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VerticalFeed News Feeds and Breaking News Alerts

Our main product, VerticalFeed News Feeds are custom news videos for your market, created by us with your direction. We work with you to determine a specific, consistent style, and then create your monthly or weekly news feed with whatever combination of news you like – you just tell us what to find and run.

Here’s a sample of a monthly promotion we completed for the National Recreation and Parks Association. They combined industry news, conservation initiatives, social posts, pre-roll ad, embedded ad, a call-to-action for their annual event, and a reminder to see their latest issue of their magazine.

We also work with you to develop the best pricing strategy and even train your reps on how to sell it if needed! Our back-end platform gives us access to thousands of stock images and video, as well as licensed access to the major news organizations. We can also show social posts within the video, and create a call to action at the beginning or end of the video, as well as:

VerticalFeed news feeds are capped at two minutes. We have found that this is the most effective duration for b2b news video. Our process involves:

We also offer complimentary sales training from Tim Hermes, who is renown in the industry for monetizing b2b video and has been a featured speaker at the Folio Show, Niche Digital Conference, and many other publishing events. As a b2b publisher with his own brands, he sold more than $3M in video sponsorships in the past few years and was an “early adopter” of online b2b video.

Note: Our news feed service is “capped” at two minutes per video clip. Based on industry research, this is the ideal time for a news-type online video feed.

Video Show Dailies

The Promised Land. As an association or trade publisher, large events like annual conferences and trade shows present a huge revenue opportunity. And the best path? Video Show Dailies (VSDs). VSDs can be monetized in several ways, from pre-roll to booth interviews, demos, tours, and more. Want to make thousands on your next event, with an easy sales process? Let us do the work. We’ll help you determine the right style of daily, the proper revenue model, the best promotional concept for sales, and the final deliverable. We’ll even go on-site to produce. If you already print a show daily, even better!! A VSD is a terrific add-on to reach your readers and members who didn’t make the event!

Sponsored “booth visit” interviews are an
excellent way to monetize your Video Show Daily.

In fact, VerticalFeed was selected by Studio Daily to produce their 2017 NAB Show Daily at the National Association of Broadcaster show. A video show daily at a video/broadcasting show, from a video/broadcasting brand? You gotta bring your “A” game. And that’s what we are doing.

The force is with you. That being, of course, the force of video. Bizreport.com says that by 2019, 80% of online web traffic will be video. In the video age, the power of video and its impact on keeping eyeballs on your page, and engaging with your brand are, well, really, really big.

Product Guides & Video Case Studies

Vertical Product Guides

Many association publications have a very defined vertical advertiser base. Video Buyers Guides – where you present industry leaders by vertical category – can be a massive revenue influx. Like our VSD service – we know all the tricks, and can direct you to a new profit stream and even do the work. Buyer’s Guides can be sold for a high rate, and the client can re-purpose their clip for emailing to their audience, trade show booth monitors, and home page presence. We do the work… you just sell it.

Video Case Studies

Case Studies can be a huge revenue opportunity. By integrating data, motion images, executive interviews, and even testimonials and embedded social media, you can create an industry “Success Message” for one of your customers that goes far beyond what you can do with print. And since video can be so well “re-purposed” and sold again, the “ask”—and margin—can be extremely high.