Our Team

VerticalFeed was founded by publishing and video entrepreneur Tim Hermes. Tim has been recognized as a true video evangelist, original thinker, and highly creative salesperson. After launching and several b2b newsletter/website brands, Tim got bored with the publishing-consultant gig and came up with the concept for VerticalFeed. Tim was years ahead of the game when he launched web video channels for many of his vendor clients almost 10 years ago. A regular blogger and speaker in the b2b publishing world on brand launching, social media, best practices, advertising sales, circulation, and marketing, Tim likes the view from the mountaintop and is always looking for the next one to scale.

He lives in Arlington, Va with his talented and beautiful wife, hilarious teenage son, and profoundly unintelligent English bulldog. He’s only a decent drummer and guitarist although he’ll tell you he’s awesome.


Tim Hermes

Tim Hermes

Publisher & Founder

Diane Schwartz

Sr. Vice President & Group Publisher

Media/PR & Cable Group


Tony Silber

Vice President


Danielle Sikes

Senior Marketing Manager


Jessica Coonan

Assistant Marketing Manager


Greg Dool

Senior Editor


Becky Peterson

Associate Editor