What We Do

VerticalFeed News Feed ServiceVerticalFeed is a revenue-generating service and solution. Our goal is to increase your revenue, and help you develop your own vertical video channel specific to your brand. Video can be hard to get your arms around, and sales reps often struggle selling the many types of customer branding that can be placed in video. That is often due to:

  • Inconsistency of video efforts

  • Wrong type of video for your market

  • Lack of strategy

  • Poor production

  • …and most importantly, resources

VerticalFeed makes it extremely easy for you as a trade publisher or association to provide a custom vertical information video channel to your readers, subscribers, members, and attendees. VerticalFeed works with you to develop your custom news feed, video show daily, case study or video buyer’s guides using both our platform and expertise. We then produce your product, and combine with your branding and sponsor elements. It’s a simple, powerful service that will increase revenue, engagement, time-on-site, and conversions.

Our three main offerings can be heavily monetized through sponsorships, pre-roll, booth tours, product demos, executive interviews, and more. We know all the tricks. Your sales reps will love selling our products. And you’ll have rounded out your media play by adding video – a crucial element to your media portfolio.

So poke around. Meet the team. Get to understand video terminology a little better. Look at some samples. And let us help you start spreading your news!